Member of the Industry and Mining Commission of Tehran Commerce said: The Petrochemical industry have a valuable role in sustainable expansion, creating add value, customize the technology, downstream industry development, making occupations and balanced development are their responsibility.
Mohammad Reza Talaei, member of the Tehran Commerce, told NIPNA that Petrochemicals, as the pioneer of the country’s economic segment, in spite of all restrictions by increasing production and export growth of petrochemical products in order to achieve micro-policies. Even in the worst conditions we were able to earn an annually exchanges for earnings of the country.
In additional he said: : Petrochemical is in the way of growth, and if this dynamic industry works well, according to the prepared planning and the benefits of this industry in the country, the development of the economic and industrial part in the country have great improvement.
Talaei stated: The downstream petrochemical industry has the potential to become one of the engines of creating more employment and added value and completing the value chain in the country if the right conditions are met while preventing the sale of crude, increasing non-oil exports and devaluation and deprivation.
A member of the Industry and Mining Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce explained: The petrochemical industry has reached full maturity today and we hope to see more prosperity and a third leap not so far in the future, which will greatly contribute to the country’s economic development

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