Chemicals And Catalyst Unit

 Oxy Chlorination Catalyst

The technical knowledge for the production of oxychlorination catalysts has been in the possession of several foreign companies, including BASF and UOP. Alumina-based copper chloride catalyst is used in the VCM unit of Kimia Petrochemical Complex of Bandar Imam, Abadan and Arvand with different percentages of copper (K65 ,K100) in this unit. With the support of Spec Company, this catalyst has been industrially produced and its import has been stopped

Refinery isomerization catalyst

Naphtha isomerization catalyst is used to produce Euro 4 and Euro 5 gasoline, and the technical know-how for its production has so far been the monopoly of a few limited American and European companies. At present, this catalyst has been delivered to all refineries in the country and has performed much bettter than foreign counterparts

(Aromatization catalyst(AR-701 AR-405

This material is the catalyst of the aromatization unit, which has been monopolized by several European and American companies, including AXENS France and UOP America. Bandar Imam processing has been used and its import has been stopped